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Books, and the people who love them

Online Book Club
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This is a community for a monthly on-line book club. Fiction, Non-fiction, anthologies, essays, pulp, graphic novels, poetry, and columns will all be fair game. The monthly structure will be as follows;

On the 3rd, the next book of interest will be posted
On the 5th to the 20th, the last book of interest will be discussed
On the 20th, suggestions for the next book will be queried

During the 5th to the 20th, people should feel free to make new posts, respond to existing posts, and generally have fun discussing or dissecting a book. I'm hoping people will keep a civil tone and enjoy a frank online discussion of the books we have chosen to read.

Being a member doesn't mean you have to read all the books, but I'm hoping that members will participate more often than not.