Zen_Cowboy (jakeaidan) wrote in waldenwoods,

First Post of Walden Woods


This is my stab at an online book club. I don't know how successful it will be, but I have high optimistic hopes!

The first book to be discussed will be, Justice William J. Brennan, Jr: Freedom First, which highlights the decisions of my personal hero, William J Brennan. This is not a biography, but more of a historical perspective of William J Brennan's influence on the current legal and social architecture of the United States. Amazon has a few used editions of this book available for purchase at less than 2 dollars.

Since as I make this post, this community has no members, the 5th of March will be the start of the discussions, in hopes that people join and are interested in reading this book.

So, welcome to Walden Woods (A shameless tribute to Henry David Thoreau), I hope you like to read.
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